Wednesday, August 25, 2010


During the last four years I've kind of turned into a make-up junkie. Not that I cake it on, but I like having a variety of products around to choose from when I get ready in the morning. It's similar to the childhood excitement of searching for the right color in a box of crayons. This hoarding is a little ironic because I didn't really start wearing make-up until I was in my twenties. My mom never taught us how to put the stuff on so I was always intimidated. It probably wasn't until I paid a professional to do my make-up on my wedding day that I even took interest, or I should say courage, to try anything myself.

As mentioned previously, during the trip to San Diego I accompanied my sister Michelle as she got a make-over at the Bobbi Brown make-up counter at Nordstrom's. We were somewhat torn between Laura Mercier and Bobbi, but seeing as Michelle wanted a very natural day look she could build on, we made our final choice. One of the products that was used on her that she loved was the lip gloss. I have a tube in buff that I bought a few months ago and for fall I want the brown shade. It's a really lovely product all around as the formula enhances the natural color of your lips and stays on pretty well. Of course, like all glosses that stay put, it's a little sticky and has to be reapplied after meals, but I like that it's moisturizing and doesn't give that flaky look after a few hours.

This season J.Crew struck up a collaboration with Bobbi and now sells these glosses in their store. In the spring they did something similar with Essie nail polishes. Kind of funny, but whatever works I guess. J.Crew, like many other chain stores, definitely tries to sell a lifestyle in addition to their clothing. Their story for some time has been the glamorous world travels of the rumpled, hip prepster A friend of mine gets a little annoyed with such catalogs for striving so hard to achieve this image. For example, shooting a perfectly made-up, yet tousled model lounging with her stiletto slung on a pile of bricks, while impoverished Guatemalans till the earth in the background. Don't get me wrong, I still like the styling of their catalog. But I digress!

Though I use this mostly as a photo journal, I was thinking I might make an occasional product review, if for nothing more than variety. Maybe you'll find something you like too.

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molly said...

I am a makeup hoarder also. Anything you want to type about on here, I want to read!!

holtkamp said...

i would love your product reviews! have you tried the laura mercier tinted chapstick (?) i really like it.

Emily said...

Great product review! :)