Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carnage at Birdrock

vAs mentioned before, I really like tide pools. I'm incessantly drawn to them anytime we're near the ocean. I think it's because they provide adventure, ocean water, and a sense of the hunt. There are so many little secrets hidden among those rocks. Bird rock is a formation located along San Diego's coast, south of La Jolla cove. My zoology teacher in high school often spoke of this tide pool in relation to some hermit crab research, but I'd never gone. This is our story.

Rule #1: ALWAYS wear shoes!

The entrance to Birdrock is a small slope of large boulders. Lauren and Leah show us how it's done.

Anemones flourish like grass in the inlet. I like sticking my finger in the middle and then pulling it out as they suck close.

Behold! The Rock! Not the best shot, I was in a hurry to look at stuff.

A sea hare we found in the shallows.

Yes, it felt just as luscious as it looks. I'm into that kind of thing.

James triumphant before the fall.

Claire and Leah. Click on the picture and zoom. You'll notice carnal tide pool rule #1 is being broken.

To get to the actual Bird Rock you have to wade across a stretch of rocky ocean.

And then the fall! James was following me and didn't realize that the water between two rocks was not level and was, in fact, a giant crevice. Blood flowed, oh did it flow! James was a champ though as I used very rudimentary skills to staunch the wound. Others were not so brave.

James: "The man who carried me from the burning building!" We didn't want James' foot to bleed more or become infected from the water so John carried James on his back all the way across the stretch of ocean. It was dramatic. Everyone had left their SHOES on a rock near the entrance and everyone got cut and bled a bit. All except for me. Notice the nice pair of Local's on the 9th picture. We were thankful that there were no sharks nearby. James is better now. No stitches were needed.


Emily said...

What a cool place. I've never been but will definitely wear shoes. Love the pics. :)

Kali said...

I love these photos. Seriously cool. And a sea hare? Never even seen/heard of that!

holtkamp said...

i love tide pools as well, but sea hares - gross! ha, ha!