Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're Back

I am currently awake at 3:30am.

We got in Monday night and promptly hit the sack after being awake all day. I'm terrible at sleeping on airplanes and am always tempted to give John a little pinch to wake him as he breathes deeply in his airborne slumber out of jealousy. I read plenty of good books though. I finished A Moveable Feast, Never Let Me Go, and Snow Falling On Cedars.

The first days back bring lots of laundry, cleaning out old food from the fridge, and running errands. I love that it's still summer though so adjusting back to life here won't be a problem.

Film pictures soon. You may start to get sick of them once they start coming, but I'll try to divide it up into 3 or 4 segments, which are about the number of towns we visited. In the meantime, we've put an edited down version of John's photos up in an online album if you want to go through all those. There are a lot of pictures of me because we had two cameras. The ones on my camera are mostly John. Picture of you, picture of me. We should have brought a tripod.


Anonymous said...

Don't ask me why-but A Moveable Feast is one of my favorite books. Anyway, I am just now getting around to looking at all your vacation pictures and I am amazed at all the beautiful shots you got! Your blog is looking quite refined and cultured these days. It's a little intimidating to be honest with you. You and John are awesome and I think it is great that you guys get to have so many beautiful adventures on film! I hope you are planning on framing some of these pictures and displaying them in your house somewhere.

Melinda said...

Thanks Desiree! That's sweet of you! And I really enjoyed A Moveable Feast, a lot more than I thought I would. It's kind of intriguing to see what kind of life they lead. I wish Paris was still a cheap place to live!