Friday, July 9, 2010

Portugal: Sintra

Sintra is located about 20 minutes from Lisbon. It's an upper class mountain area (kind of like Park City for those of you familiar with Utah) that's often covered in mist and full of old estates that were once owned by royalty. There's also a castle dating back to the Moorish empire (8th century A.D.). We actually went here twice: once on the first half of the trip, and once at the very end. It was so green and lush! I've decided that even though I like architecture, I love nature more, but this place was a lovely mix of both. I was on cloud 9!

John got most of the full building shots as he had the wide angle lens for almost the whole trip. The 24mmm gives a slight orange cast on my camera and I'm not a huge fan. One thing learned the hard way: Hp5+ does not do well with any kind of exposure compensation, at least on my camera. I think I knew that at one point but forgot since I've been shooting mostly c41 film in my Pentax. Hence slightly overexposed BW pictures.


jujucita said...

beautiful, beautiful pics! so cool that you were in portugal - i just got back from europe (germany + austria) yesterday.

hope you're well.. hugs!

angie said...

AWESOME Melinda--I LOVE them!