Thursday, July 8, 2010

Portugal: Lisbon

We stayed in Lisbon for the first few days. The pastry that John is eating was famously created at the bakery where we purchased it, although they have versions of it everywhere in Portugal. There was a constant line to get them. It was like the Sprinkles or Magnolia of Lisbon.

The shot of the apartments is where John lived for awhile as a missionary. I guess it was a dangerous place with lots of drug raids next door. The Bob Marley graffiti was still there 11 years ago as well, albeit a little more vibrant back then. Other places pictured: Tower of Belem - launch site of Christopher Columbus' ships for the new world and the Monument of the Discoveries. Also, the VW Polo we rented to drive around the country, which was so much nicer than doing public transport.

Sorry if you looked at the google album and some of these are repeats. On the one hand it's nice that we both like to take pictures, on the other, sometimes we're slightly competitive with each other. "You stole my shot! You stole my angle!" :)


holtkamp said...

my first thought was 'yum, that pastry looks good'!

molly said...

great snaps!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful photos. I WISH Claron would pick up a camera once in a while. There are literally like five pictures of Eliza and I together that I haven't taken, and only one was taken by Claron. Maybe John can give him a talking to or some lessons at the family reunion.