Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Lisboa Music Festival. That Sunday was high school/middle school band competition. Actually, I've found that my students hate being called kids. I need to think of a better word. Perhaps minions?

While we were watching the performances I saw this girl standing near the sidewalk vents. She was self-conscious and androgynous, which gives girls that age a unique form of grace. The light fell so prettily on her as she was trying to keep her uniform from billowing through the gusts of air. After walking back from the castle at the top of the city, I saw her again in front of one of the cafes, leaning wistfully against a street light. John asked her in Portuguese if I could take her picture and, in true adolescent fashion, she looked alarmed and then dropped her gaze down awkwardly at the attention as her companions carped on her for attracting it. We tried to get her ignore us and look as she had been previously, but that didn't work. Hence you get the slight smirk and stiff elbow pose.

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Kali said...

Haven't commented on all of the posts, but i have enjoyed looking at all your trip pictures! I guess I am kind of living vicariously through you:)