Monday, July 26, 2010

Forrest Bathing

"The NY Times reports that although allergies and the promise of air-conditioning tend to drive people indoors at this time of year, when people spend time in more natural surroundings — forests, parks, and other places with plenty of trees — they experience increased immune function. A study of 280 healthy people in Japan, where visiting nature parks for therapeutic effect has become a popular practice called 'Shinrin-yoku,' or 'forest bathing,' found that being among plants produced 'lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, and lower blood pressure,' among other things. Another study in 2007 showed that men who took two-hour walks in a forest over two days had a 50-percent spike in levels of natural killer cells, and a third study found an increase in white blood cells that lasted for a week in women exposed to phytoncides in forest air." -

I'm trying to get out in nature more this summer. It was easier when we lived in Provo and had the canyon right there with hiking trails a plenty. Maybe it's all the mythology stories I used to read when I was little, but I've always had a secret dream of bathing (literally) in nature. I used to also want long hair so just so that it could cover me if I didn't have any clothes on. Anyways, now that you know all my nudist tendencies, go enjoy the Nature! We'll be at Bear Lake for a family reunion this week and I'm looking forward to the increase in white blood cells.


molly said...

I so need an increase in immune function, I think I'll go do some forest bathing! Thanks for the tid bit, Melinda!

Kali said...

This makes SO much sense to me. And you crack me up:)