Saturday, July 10, 2010

Portugal: Evora

Evora is a walled and ancient little town that was once occupied by the Romans. Remnants of their architecture still remain inside the city. It's *inland and therefore a little warmer than Lisbon. Our hotel here was very quaint and had a cute cottage-like dining area and kitchen. We had some delicious regional Portuguese food here: lamb and dried cod, as well some honey gelato which is now my favorite flavor.

One thing unique thing about Portugal that I loved is that there are beautiful hand painted tiles everywhere. It's amazing. They're in the bathrooms, on the stairs, above doors, and even cover the building in areas that are considered slums. It makes everything more colorful and cheerful.

*John always teases me that I have some unconscious superiority complex about coastal California cities. He claims that he notices a lot Californians refer to areas like Redlands, Temecula, Chino, etc. with a condescending air. Now "inland" is always said in quotes in our house.


holtkamp said...

it looks so lovely there! and yes, any city that cannot enjoy the nice coastal breeze of san diego, IS inland! ha, ha...just think the temperature difference between san diego and escondido! :)

Emily said...

ditto what Jen said!

Kristen said...'s like "Riverside" or "Ontario"...I like the quote thing. Every California inland city deserves to be said with a hint of disdain. They are certainly nothing to shout about are they?

I like embracing my California coastal city girl snob.