Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Portugal: The Algarve

Besides Sintra, this was our favorite part of the trip. Beach! The Algarve is like San Diego in terms of climate but much less crowded. It's supposedly a favorite summer vacation destination for many Europeans. The beaches were beautiful with shells, starfish and cute little German toddlers who splashed in a wading pool next to us. I also liked that they hawked fresh doughnuts on the beach. Yeah! We stayed in Salema and our bed and breakfast overlooked the ocean.

It was cloudy the last half of our day in the Algarve, so we went to see the End of the World/School of the Navigators on the west coast. John's secret wish is to be a sailor (mine is to be a naturalist) and he had been reading one of the books in the Master and Commander series on our trip, so it made this stop, although it was his second time here, very exciting for him. We were confused as to why there were tons of shells on the tops of the cliffs. We found out this is why.

After getting very cold, we drove to a beach side restaurant and enjoyed a meal of swordfish, clams and pork, and the best chocolate cake ever. We shared our dinning experience with two other small parties and watched the Ghana vs. Uruguay game.

Y ahora muchachos, se acaba la vacation pictures, probably to your relief!


holtkamp said...

se acaba LA RIMA! ha, ha i love all your pictures mel, esp the arch/doorway. this post sums up what i've always picture european beach vacations to be like :)

Emily said...

Lovely! I also like the arch/doorway picture. I was totally going to say that before reading Jen's comment. ha ha. What are your plans for all of your pictures?