Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Nash Wedding

Congrats John and Angelica!

There was really good food (Diegos!) and lots and lots of salsa and bachata music

Also that day, US tied England in the World Cup. It was a glorious day in so many ways ;)

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Emily said...

Lovely pictures! It looks like an awesome day!

beckie said...

Your dress is gorgeous. I mean everyone else looks great too but you kind of steal the show.

holtkamp said...

great pics mel! you should have been in that dollar dance!

Melinda said...

Beckie - Thanks! I got the dress at a store in the Provo mall called Head Over Heels. They had it in about 10 different colors and it was cheap!

Jen - No way! Awk! I pinned my dollar to the lime ;)