Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Yesterday, for Memorial Day, John and I went to visit the grave of my uncle Shigeru. He served in special intelligences during WWII and was killed in a plane crash soon after the war at the age of 24.

After paying our respects at the cemetery, we went to Antelope Island for the first time. We strayed off trails and got bitten by swarms of mosquitoes, but it was a fun adventure. While taking pictures, I swear we were standing in the same place where the first Bronco scene was filmed in Gentleman Broncos. No surveillance does though. Drats!

At night it was Prince of Persia. Not bad. My pictures will be up later.

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holtkamp said...

we've been wanting to ride out to antelope island, but i've heard about all the bugs...ha, ha