Sunday, June 27, 2010

From Portugal with Love

Some pictures.


Celebrations at the Plaza Rossio after the Portugal vs. Brazil game. We watched the game at a cafe with Portugese fans while the cafe next door had a ton of Cape Verdian Brazillian fans.

On the grounds of Monserrate.


Lunch: Grilled lamb and potatoes

Dried cod and fried potatoes

In Evora we stumbled upon the city's annual summer festival including Portuguese carnies! I was excited about them after watching Les Demoiselles of Rochefort, at Molly's suggestion.

John's $12 hat. I also loved how the William-Sonoma cheese plates I was considering gifting to John for Christmas were $2 instead of $60. Guess they had a surplus here.

In heaven with bins full of gummy candy.

My film pictures will be coming later, and sorry for the quality, John doesn't have any editing software on his work computer. We also went to church today at one of John's areas from his mission.

Tomorrow, Sevilla then onto the Algarve (San Diego-like beach town of Portugal) and back to Lisbon for a couple of days.


Emily said...

Looks like an awesome trip so far!

Amanda said...

hurrah! miss you both!

holtkamp said...

wow lisbon looks amazing! except for the lamb! ha, ha :)

molly said...

Portugese carnies! I love it! Great photos, looks like a great adventure!

beckie said...

I love that you are apologizing for poor photo quality on your vacation. Melinda!

Portugal. I'm jealous