Monday, June 21, 2010

Carl + CK Wedding - Hallelujah!

Carl and Ck's wedding was this Saturday. It's family, so I have a lot of pictures. I wish I had this camera for my sister's wedding, because I love this 50mm lens!

The temple sealing was beautiful. We also had so much fun being surrounded with family and eating lots of delicious food.

Something funny I learned was that my cousin's company (or cousin-in-law to be more accurate) put on the luncheon decorating and reception. Danny was going through the possible pictures to be put into the sign-in book and saw a little boy that looked familiar. As the pictures progressed chronologically the boy kept on getting more and more familiar until he realized it was John. Haha!

Temple: Salt Lake City Temple
Luncheon: Red Butte Gardens
Reception: Woolley Home

The reception pictures are on another roll, so we'll have to wait until we get back from Portugal to develop those. Congrats Carl and CK! We are so happy to get a new sister!
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Emily said...

Lovely! Have a great trip!

holtkamp said...

looks like a great day. i hope you sang something too mel!