Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Antelope Island - Memorial Day

Icarus Fallen.

In my semi-torpor state of the early morning (OK it wasn't that early, I'm just really not a morning person) I loaded the film in wrong in the Mamiya, so all the hopefully more lovely pictures on HP5 were not exposed. Yeah, smart. Luckily I brought my other camera too. There were so many mosquitoes and gnats on the freaking island! I wore long pants, cons, and a hoodie, but got bit on my head, face and hands. My hand was so swollen the next day in school I had to take some Claritin and made my TA run to the office to get me a bag of ice. Next time I will bring along a Deet infused potion.

* These scanner settings have too much contrast for my taste, but that's what you get when you're cheap and use Walgreens! Ballin' on a budget!
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