Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On my Mind

  • Excited to see the results of the Philippine elections
  • 3 more weeks of school. 3 more weeks!
  • Studio photography class at Pictureline, yes or no?
  • My to do list. Being gone one weekend has made it very long.
  • Moveable Feast - I'm loving it!
  • Photography books from the library are very interesting and don't cost a penny
  • Bella has been sick
  • I need a haircut - long hair doesn't automatically = beautiful hair. If it's not healthy it's gross. Trim that nappiness!
  • She & Him for free! A long ways away but something to look forward to


Anne said...

Oh I love a Moveable Feast- one of my favorites! Good luck getting through the last weeks of school!

Nathan said...

Pictureline is great! But is this a paid class? I wouldn't do it if it's over $10 (they usually give you a $10 gift card so it's free). There are tons of free get togethers with PhotoWalkingUtah.com

Melinda said...

Nate, are the classes really alright? I've never been to one and was nervous it'd be a waste of time. I'll have to take your word on it. I think they raised the price to $20 that is reimbursed with a gift card upon arrive to the class. Since I just ordered $20 worth of film, the class is free :)

holtkamp said...

3 more weeks til we can have campfires, camping and hikes together! :)