Monday, May 24, 2010

The Jordan River

John and I spent part of Friday after work at the International Peace gardens. Most of the flowers were in bloom, minus some of the wisteria, and there were a few people walking around, but not so many that you ever ran into anyone. There were also ice cream trucks, Muslims dressed for Jummah, and others preparing for a wedding. It was perfectly spring. Afterward we headed to Sushi Express for dinner. A piece of good news: the Costco by us finally sells mochi ice cream! We devoured all three boxes of ours in a week!

The small dock in the picture boarders the Peace Gardens, which by the way was first created by the JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) and reminded me of Huck Finn. I used to watch the Disney adaptation with Elijah Wood when I was little and wanted to be Huck Finn myself. All I need is a little raft now.

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Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures! You look like a model, Melinda! :)

holtkamp said...

i love these pictures of you too mel! you're usually behind the lens :)