Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Present

John's birthday present from me was a 50mm f1.4 lens for his Pentax. I couldn't really keep it a secret since I work at the school and John works at home and packages reach his hands before they reach mine. When I came through the door after work he was holding the package in one hand with scissors in the other, ready at the OK to rip it open. These are a few of the pictures he took when he attached it to his camera. I'm grading papers in the last picture. The red pen is my weapon of choice when I'm forced to grade at home on a Friday.
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Anne said...

Oh how fun! Ben got me the f1.8 50 mm last year and I love it. It was cheap too, which makes me love it even more (silly, I know!) Hope the end of school goes well!

Kali said...

I love my 50mm! That is a fabulous bday present!! I got mine for christmas and I was walking on air for days. :)

You two are going to be quite the dynamic duo in photography. Love it.