Saturday, May 8, 2010

Angelica's Bridal Shower

So first, I ran out of color film after my Hawaii trip and didn't realize it until this morning. So, you get pictures of food and decorations in black and white which aren't so interesting when the whole point was that they matched a certain, vibrant color scheme. Besides this small set back, Angelica's shower was a wonderful success! Jen and JP are probably some of the best people to plan things with and we even all carpooled down to old P-town together. It was like the Three Wise Men bearing gifts to a distant land. Ahaha!

Angelica's wedding colors are peacock blue and kiwi/lime green so we decorated accordingly, not that you can see any color . . . The menu: ham and cheese croissants with pesto mayo, lemon tarts, blondies, veggie platter, mini cream puffs with chocolate fondue. The gifts were tastefully scandalous and I think soon-to-be-bride is all set for her honeymoon. I left out anything too telling for Nash.

After the shower some of us headed over with Angelica to get a pre-wedding make-over at the Bobbi Brown counter. The other option was Laura Mercier, but Bobbi is known for having colors that suit a variety of skin tones. The woman there did an excellent job and Angelica looked radiant and natural. Can you believe she never wears makeup besides mascara? I want skin like that!

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Tanei Atagi said...

Wow, you're really passionate about that RSVP business, huh! You are too funny! Those pics are great and I am loving the Hawaii pics, too!

holtkamp said...

mel, you did a great job on everything! are you sure you don't want to knit that hit list?! :)

Melinda said...

Yeah, sorry for venting. I took that part out. I just feel bad when the guest of honor knows who is coming and then only half of them show. It's inconsiderate. Then we also have a ton a leftover food. Guess my fellow teachers will be getting a surprise in the faculty room this week! Ham and cheese croissant anyone?