Friday, April 9, 2010

Road Trip

Sadly, it is not I who is taking a road trip, at least not yet. Eight more weeks of teaching to go, including the preparation for and administering of the state standards test (oh joy). I was looking at The Anthropologist, which is a creative website put together by Anthropologie, and I thought that David Eustace's page was such a wonderful way to document a road trip. He included several different sections including a scrapbook, photographs of signs, drive by profiles, portraits, a video and a journal. You may notice this month's Anthropologie catalog used one of his locations for their photoshoot. Warning: the website is a little weird to navigate through. When you click on a picture it will take you to a section of his trip. To move to the next picture within the category you need to click on the last picture in the row on the right. Seems like it needs a scroll button or somthing. Sorry, the critical eye is training from the computer scientist husband.

Although I will probably never be motivated to put my vacation together in such a tech savvy style, it encouraged me to catalog my memories a little better, perhaps more creatively, and to save things. Maybe it'll give you some inspiration for your summer journeys too. The whole documentation also reminded me of road trips from California to Utah with my dad. Nothing like a stop at the Peggy Sue diner for a slice of apple pie with cheese. Can you tell my brain is already on summer?

Photo by Rachel Eustace on The Anthropologist


Emily said...

We weren't such fans of Peggy Sue's, though the dinosaur park was interesting. My dad likes to stop at Bun Boy ha ha.

Melinda said...

I've never been to the dinosaur park! You may be right about Peggy Sue's. I don't remember any of the food except the pie.