Wednesday, April 7, 2010


John and I took a trip to the library on Monday. Usually we go to the bookstore and John uses a gift certificate from a cache he has collected through birthdays, holidays or anniversaries, but he's finally out. I usually get most of my books as hand me downs from my mom, Jen, or John. I only recently bought two books, Prodigal Summer by Kingsolver and Moveable Feast by Hemmingway, but I also have quite a queue of good pass downs. John goes through books so fast that we figured it would save some money to start going to the library more often. I hadn't been in forever and was amazed at the new self check-out technology they have. I'm a big sucker for children's books, so I browsed that section by myself for a long time. Here's my library list:

  • Book of Russian Fairy Tales - I'm strangely fascinated by stories about Baba Yaga and the hut on chicken feet.
  • East of the Moon, West of the Sun - A Scandinavian fairy tale I love. I couldn't find the Mercer Mayer version I remembered from my childhood. See pictures above.
  • The complete works of John Keats - Fun to read out loud and just beautiful
  • Aperture 50 years - to research and study great photographers and improve my skills, or lack thereof
  • Photograhy of Lewis Carrol - Never knew he did photography. Funny old school poses to inspire me. A couple creepy ones slightly reminiscent of the death photographs in The Others.
I have the fairy tales and poems on my nightstand to read before I go to bed. The last couple of nights I've been lulling John to sleep reading (or butchering) Keats' Lamia. I can't remember what John got. He'll probably review them when he finishes.

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beckie said...

I totally did a report on Baba Yaga in middle school. I still remember drawing a hut with chicken feet!