Monday, April 19, 2010

During the Day

Just what you wanted to see on a Monday right? The boys always get uncomfortable when I say "Now we are going to remove the testicles!" (they're actually called seminal vessicles). Oh, the joys of teaching! Hopefully I can encourage a future surgeon or two, even though after this they may all be girls.

In case you're wondering why I don't ever post pictures of my students, there are certain privacy laws which prevent me from doing so. Teenagers are so full of energy and personality that they'd actually be excellent subjects. I once had a live streaming going of my kids' science fair presentations so that parents could watch their kids from work, but was later informed that I could have been sued for doing so due to witness protection laws, pedophiles, etc. It makes me sad that I can't share more about them because there are enough sick people out there on the internet that it has become a problem. Since this is a public blog, I would have to create a permission slip and get both student and guardian signatures to be able to post pictures. Maybe I'll do that at the beginning of next year so I can at least post them on my teaching blog.

Side note: John has decided to post a little more on his blog since he has his own set of pictures now. I'm curious to see how long this will last. Hopefully long.

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Kali said...

I enjoyed this post... laughing to myself. (the part about the dissection) I guess something only a teacher can appreciate hee hee.