Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Angelica and John Nash

So I am definitely not a professional photographer. Let's just say each time I shoot for someone else I am significantly humbled by all the things I don't know, but then at the same time I get excited to learn more. Angelica and John were trusting enough to let us do their engagements. We have another shoot with them tomorrow. See those peacocks in the background of the last picture? We're going back for those in full spread!

* Yeah, so that second peacock shoot didn't happen. The wind here is evil and at 35 mph we didn't think there would be any spreading of feathers. Although, it would be hilarious to see fanning peacocks getting blown over.

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Emily said...

They look great! I really like the first one. :)

holtkamp said...

looks great mel! i like the first one as well! on the last pic, we thought it was a brontosaurus ha, ha (the 2 peacocks in the background)

Melinda said...

Thanks! I kind of suck sometimes though. I wish I had time to take another class! I need to learn a lot more! And Jen, it does look like a brontosauras!!Haha! Maybe it'll be a dinosaur themed wedding.