Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Reunion

Melinda's really good at keeping up with her friends. I am not. I am very bad at it. So when Whitney texted us about having a little party, we were down.

Some other things I am bad at:
1. Dr. Mario. There was a time where there was a Dr. Mario Craze among our set. There were tournaments and all nighters. Kevin Price had a move named after him, the Kevin Cross. In fact, he could do a "Kevin Cross into a Kevin Cross". Which, until you see it you have no idea how impressive that is. In a geeky, niche obsessive kind of way. I, however was never good at Dr. Mario. At this party, the only way I won is if they are on difficulty 10, and I am on 4. Which is sad, because I should be that kind of geek. Puzzle solving, competitive video games should be my forte. But I'm a bad geek.
2. Texting. While we were arranging the trip, we were making witty texting with Whitney. Melinda and I came up with a response(we're such nerds), that was so funny. It was the greatest. Seriously. But I don't know how to text, so a week later, I finally realized that it was still sitting in my drafts folder. So yeah, too late.

A comments challenge: The greatest text you never sent. Without context, please. My entry: "Malt Liquor it is then!"
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beckie said...

thanks for posting those horrible pictures of me. at least my shirt is cute...

Kali said...

not sure about what a greatest text could possible be for me... but, I LOVE Dr. Mario. Are you playing it on a wii?

Melinda said...

Yeah! We played Dr. Mario on the Wii. I think you can buy all old Nintendo games for the Wii online for $5 each.
Beckie - your shirt is cute! blame John for the pictures ;) I told him to take more but he got shy or something.

whitney allison said...

That is a good text...and I know the context!!! I don't know if I can think of a good one that was never sent, but I do sometimes sit there waiting for responses and later see my text in the draft folder so, I feel your pain.

It was really a fun night! Great to see you guys