Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Desk

I always try to keep my workspace clean, but somehow it always ends up in slight clutter because I can't decide what to keep out and to put back on the bookshelf or drawers. Some of the mess consists of the following:
  • Top shop Parisian style guide
  • Timer - I use this when I read scriptures - don't want to read too much ;)
  • Family addresses and a list of family birthdays
  • My journal
  • Crayons and colored pencils for working on nursery lessons
  • Post card from John when he was in Italy visiting Amanda in 2005
  • Origami crane - had to practice before I taught my students
  • Tony's origami turtle from the Cherry Blossom party- it was just too cool looking to throw away
  • Marie Antoinette French Club pin from cheese night at BYU
  • Sketching pencils, Japanese sparkly food stickers, and a large sketch book
  • My New Year's Resolutions
  • Picture and address of my mission President and his wife
  • Running wear chart - I tore this out of Runner's World. It gives you temperature ranges and the exact clothing to wear for each range.
  • Home made Valentine from Jen, Christmas card from my older sister, a get well card I need to write in still.
  • Nasty Kleenex with rabbit ear wax (I threw that away soon after this picture)
  • Quotes from some church leaders
  • Color Me Mine winter color chart
  • Yummy chestnut candle from anthro
  • Polaroid with Jen at a Halloween party when we were in 8th grade
  • Calendar with LeSueur family birthdays made by Stephanie
I assure you my work desk at school is more tidy. What is the weirdest or most interesting thing in your desk area? Hopefully you don't also have a tissue with rabbit wax in it.
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Emily said...

love the honesty. way to go! and thanks for getting rid of that tissue. ha ha. our desk has two computers, a printer, a box of misc junk that used to be in the drawer until Ansley started opening it, my camera, a few old gift cards, lip gloss, a memory stick, a sharpie, tweezers, headphones, a paint chip, a choir binder that needs to get mailed back, a box of pins, some yarn, and dust. Pretty random and pretty messy.

Kerstin said...

Currently, I don't have a desk. I have a shelf in a linen closet that I keep all my "officey" stuff in.

I am finding that is not the best solution.

holtkamp said...

mel you are on the the neatest and most organized people i know. i'm glad you still have that old picture of us, i still have it too :) however, i think you are missing that old envelope where you used to keep your money ha!