Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last Call

Two days left for HB295 to pass in the Senate. Please contact your senator if you are a Utah resident. The legislative session ends March 11th.

Last night's board meeting was not necessarily informational, but it was very interesting. We went early but had to sit in overflow seating (it felt like stake conference) and watched the speakers on a screen but, it was good to go. Lots of parents and students came to address the board asking them not to increase class sizes. It made me feel good. The board itself urged patrons to support HB295. Matt Shake gave a great speech about furlough days and a tax increase and one of our former students also spoke. Generally the comments from the public were not as crazy as I feared they would be. They were composed and logical. The boy scouts from our church were in attendance with some of their leaders. Perhaps they were passing off a badge requirement? New information about the budget from the Board will not be given until after the legislative session, so the Board meetings on March 23rd and the beginning of Aprils should be an important ones.

I forgot, there was one thing that was informational, they showed the CRT (state mandated testing under No Child Left Behind) and ACT results of our district and the state. We do pretty well in science as a district and state (yes!) but to worse than average in math on the ACT compared to the rest of the country (boo).

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Leslie said...

what is even more interesting . . . we are doing okay on the CRT tests, but failing miserably on the ACT tests! The CRT is not nationally normed, but the ACT is. Then . . . what are our CRT's saying? That we maybe taught what was in our core, but it is not aligned, or helping to prepare our students to be college/career ready in the future! Good thing National standards are on the way!