Monday, March 22, 2010

I Wanna Riot!

"I raise my hand, I got another question. If I start a riot, will I get protection? Cause I'm a kid that's got a lot of problems and if I throw a brick maybe that brick will go and solve them!"

Your local teachers standing up for their kids and your kids. This was actually a peaceful, informational picket. The main message? Raise property taxes. Yes, HB295 passed, but it is a temporary solution. The bill allows the school district to pull money from its building and maintenance funds for only two years. We were in the hole $29 million last year and pulled money from a rainy day fund to pay it off along with $7 million in cuts. This year we're in a $30 million dollar deficit and are plugging it with the building fund and more cuts. I see a trend and I don't want to fight this fight year after year. Please attend your local caucus meeting to encourage the election of education-friendly candidates next November.

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