Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

What real Easter Bunnies leave behind.

It's finally Spring Break for me! Only downer is that it snowed a lot yesterday and according to the weather report it's supposed to rain or snow everyday of the break except for today. It's not too bad though because I can still look forward to sleeping in, getting lost in a book, movies at night, and using my new tea pot. I visited the Tea Grotto today in Salt Lake to pick out some tea that my friends would be able to stomach. The kind girl working there recommended five flavors and I went with the strawberry lemon. It's very girlie, very tea party. After watching the new Alice in Wonderland movie, I've also been obsessively watching the cartoon version of the Unbirthday song over and over again. I think it's driving John mad.

On the weekend we'll be watching General Conference and we scored some sweet plaza level tickets for the Sunday morning session from a family friend who wasn't able to make the trip from San Diego to Utah. The trick now is to see if we can wake up and get there on time. I'm notorious for always being a little late.

* Update: I tried that strawberry lemon tea and it made me want to puke! I decided I'm not a fan of sweet teas. In fact I like my tea with no sugar. John liked it though. He said it tasted better with honey.
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Emily said...

Strawberry lemon sounds yummy! I'm excited you get to go to GC!! :) Happy Spring break!

Wiwi Kalawi said...

Easter Puppies leave much larger surprises than Easter Bunnies.