Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tore up my Valentine

After finally seeing Bright Star, I was inspired from the cute notes in the movie to make one of my own for John. Marta Stewart had instructions last year on how to make this antique style Valentine, so I printed it out and gave it three tries. Yes three. It was driving me crazy! John was the one to finally figure out the confusing step of getting the paper into a pinwheel shape, but couldn't explain how he got it. I think I'll stick with paper cranes, so sorry John, no Keats-like love notes this year.

This one is more my pace and I think looks just about as cute.

If you try the first one and figure it out post a youtube video for me so I can get it too!

image: the Anthropologist

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Tanei Atagi said...

Hah! I feel your pain on this one! It took me an embarrassingly long time (which I won't disclose), but if you need me...call me! I finally figured it out! Funny that we both wanted the same valentine card!