Monday, February 8, 2010

Temple Grandin + Claire Danes

Anyone see this HBO special on Saturday night? I really really wanted to watch it, but alas, we don't have cable. We studied a little about Temple Grandin in my History of Biology class back in the day. For those of you who don't know who she is, Grandin is an autistic scientist that made great discoveries in understanding animal behavior. Her book, Animals in Translation is super interesting. I tried some of her theories on my pet rabbit and its amazing to see how they work. Also, I like Claire Danes as an actress. I guess that stems back from My So Called Life days.

This weekend was super fun, but very busy. Lots of birthday celebrations and errands. John ordered a new digital camera and lens for himself that he is eagerly awaiting. He decided on a Pentax K7 so we could use our accessories on both my camera and his. We're going to have a film vs. digital shoot off adventure for Valentines, and personally, I think I'm going to win. Here's to a good week with a three day weekend on the horizon!


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Amanda said...

I heard an interview with Temple Grandin on NPR. She is an amazing woman. She talked about some of her inventions and the adversity that she had faced. She was also commenting on the movie. She thought Claire Danes was fabulous and completely transformed into her. I haven't seen the movie. I saw previews, and I was AMAZED at how much Claire Danes sounded like her.