Monday, January 4, 2010

While waiting for family pictures

The real picture was eventually taken, though not with this camera. We were all supposed to wear brown, tan, or cream. Amanda was kind enough to assist me in shopping for something that would fit the palette. Anyone else notice that brown wasn't a very prevalent color this season? I think the shade was more of an ecru and the rest was replaced by gray. Anyway, brown, unless it is almost black brown, is not the hottest color on Asians, but with luck we found a few pieces that worked. I think I've become more objectively critical of what colors work with what complexions from reading too much of the Color Me Beautiful book I pilfered from my mom (I'm a winter, John's an autumn, haha!). That and the fact that one of my BYU ID pictures taken in a tannish-brown shirt made me look like I was posing in the nude.
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