Tuesday, January 26, 2010


People used to not be able to tell us apart. Of course, at church, no one could tell our whole family apart from the Lew family. "No sister ___ that was not me playing the violin in sacrament meeting" Ha!ha!

* SNIWT was a "code" word we used for my friends in high school who were twins. Stupid, I know. Obviously we weren't very creative.
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Emily said...

hahahahahahaha! great pic btw.

Tanei Atagi said...

You're both gorgeous!

Kali said...

Hey Melinda! Its Kali Ponder from Fort Herriman (well once upon a time ago.) found your blog through Leslie's. Just wanted to say hi. Looks like you are doing great. If you want an invite to our blog just send me an email at Kaliponder@gmail.com.