Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Notes: Summer


  1. Skin tone: rosy pink, fair - almost translucent with a blue undertone, freckled
  2. Eyes: blue, aqua gray that changes from blue to green, deep blue with white flecks
  3. Hair: ash blonde, blonde, light brunette, dark ash brown
  • the pastel person - soft colors with a blue undertone
  • soft white (no yellow and not ivory)
  • grayed navy
  • all lavender, orchid, and mauve pastels
  • only one flattering shade of yellow: light lemon
  • black may be an accessory in shoes and bags
  • darker tones of plum, burgundy, and raspberry, but fairer skin tones should wear them away from the face.
  • Coral pink
  • yellow-beige, gray-beige, and dark brown
  • orange and orange-red
  • pure black and white
  • gold
So if you rock these looks

You'll rock these colors as well (click on picture to see colors better)

* All scans from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson

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