Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Notes: Spring

I've been lazy, so now the last season here . . .
(and by the way Stacey, I think this season might be yours, since you asked)


  1. Skin: peachy, ivory,
  2. Hair: golden blonde, auburn, childhood blondes that darken with age and retain golden tone, or flaxen blondes
  3. Eyes: blue, green, hazel, or amber
  • clear, warm colors, all with a yellow undertone
  • Gold accessories
  • ivory, creamy white
  • aqua, peacock blue, and turquoise
  • periwinkle
  • all peachy pinks: apricot, salmon, and coral
  • yellow greens
  • only one shade of gray: warm, yellow gray
  • dark brown
  • pure white
  • black
  • colors with blue undertones
  • dark and muted colors
So if you resemble these girls

Then you can pull off these colors quite nicely

Hopefully some of this will be helpful when shopping for yourself or others. According to Carole's book, you can only truly be one season. Some people hate this theory because their favorite colors, or the colors that are currently in their closet, are the opposite of what the Color Analysis Theory states they should be. These folks will continue to suffer the sallow consequences. Ha!ha! Totally joking. Follow the rules, don't follow the rules. Use your best judgment.

Now if you combine this with Tim Gunn's book you'll not only be smoking hot, you'll also have a streamlined closet. Good luck!

* All scans from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson

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