Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Notes: Autumn

The season of the LeSueurs (excluding me) and according to the book, the ones that have the easiest time shopping because they can wear muted and clear tones. Blast you autumns!

  1. Skin:ivory, peach, few freckles,
  2. Hair: fiery red highlights, golden brown, redheads
  3. Eyes:brown, green, hazel, turquoise
  • warm colors with gold undertones
  • terrific in pumpkin and olive green
  • oyster white - beige-toned
  • all browns, especially dark chocolate
  • any gold, terra cotta, mustard
  • oranges: peach, salmon, rust, bright orange, orange red, bittersweet red
  • Forrest green, moss
  • gold accessories
  • black
  • pink
  • navy
  • gray
  • blue-reds
  • all colors with blue undertones
  • pale peach, periwinkle, and lime green
So if you resemble one of these lucky ladies

Then you will look groovy in these colors. Notice the whole left column is brown. Sorry this scan turned out a little faded on the right side.

* All scans from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson


Heidi said...

I had this book, which scares me a little! :)

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Am I an autumn? I think I'm an autumn. Claron is absolutely no help with this.

Melinda said...

Amanda, so I went looking through a few of the pictures on your blog, and I think maybe you're a winter. Elizabeth Taylor like. Maybe I'm wrong. You looked good in a shocking pink color and you also look great in that light green coat you have :)