Thursday, January 14, 2010


So maybe we broke a few rules, albeit innocently, while taking these pictures. But Jed and Tanei are fearless and I meekly tread in their footsteps as we interrupted study groups and alarmed sleepy campus workers. The first time I took pictures of Nohea, she wasn't very mobile, but now she moves in a blur! It took some getting used to. She sure is cute!

* I listened to anime soundtrack music while dust spotting my photos. Dork point 1 for Melinda, John zero. Wait, he's reading a George R.R. Martin book next to me. Never mind. Tie.
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Emily said...

these are great! I especially love the second and third ones. do you want to take pics of ansley?

holtkamp said...

what wonderful pictures mel!

Melinda said...

Emily - sure! I'll email you about it.