Sunday, January 24, 2010


We went to visit the Cluff building on BYU's campus. I used to have my Bio teaching classes there with my favorite professor, Marta Adair. We thought we'd stop by to enjoy the lush vegetation and warmth provided by the artificial atmosphere. It was lovely to be surrounded by orchids and ferns in the middle of winter and I even found a plant that I used to see in the Philippines. The locals in Quezon City called it mahihiya (shy) because the leaves close up when you touch it, but I couldn't read the real name that was scrawled in pencil on the planting post. I went down to Marta's office to get a hug and hopefully a picture, but she had left for the weekend. We ended the night with dinner at a super crowded In -&-Out and settled down watching Charlotte Gray at home.

I know I say this all the time, but anyone else notice a resemblance between Benjamin Cluff and Will Ferrell?

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whitney allison said...

Oy, these Utah In-N-Outs are out of control! I had it in Vegas last weekend just to avoid the line.

holtkamp said...

i'm not sure if i ever even knew byu had a greenhouse...p.s. the in-n-out in draper is rarely crowded and the lines have never been long for us :)

Nathan said...

I love Marta Adair!! I took Bio 100 from her last semester and had some wonderful moments with her.

Tanei Atagi said...

what a fun trip! Call us next time, we'd love to see some greenery!