Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Sunny San Diego

My family usually has an aversion to Utah, but this year we're happy that a lot of them have decided to come visit. I think it's the snow (and maybe us too?). *I guess that 70 degree weather can get old all year round.

Last week, my sister Michelle and her husband Andre came to visit us! My sister and I are the best of friends and it was so nice to be together again and because I've known Andre since he was an 8th grader he's like a younger brother to me. We ate lots of good food and went tubing at Solider Hollow on Saturday. Anyone else notice how the tow ride up is like a massage for your butt? We found that it's a lot more fun and faster if you go down the hills with four people instead of solo or even in as a couple. Shel and Andre also came to help in my science class during their vacation. There were shouts of approval when I announced that Andre was a deejay.

* Since writing this I have heard that there have been tornadoes, tornado warnings, and crazy rain in Southern Cal! Who would have thought?

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