Monday, January 11, 2010

Fondue Farewell

Goodbye Stace!

I met Stacey in the dorms in Helman Halls when we were just small freshmen. When I first talked to her she had torn her ACL and was showing me some of the physical therapy exercises she did with a giant rubber band by tying it to the door and doing a kicking motion. Her roommate then announced she had been in a car accident and procured another rubber band from out of no where. She then proceeded to tie it around her neck while standing on a chair and attaching it to the ceiling. At that point, it just got too weird and I had to leave. Needless to say, I got over that first encounter and we have been friends ever since. Stacey left the state before Christmas to settle in Texas for a year. She will be missed!

Note: These were taken with the pop-up flash before I ordered my other one. I'm not fond of it. It's a little broken and needs to be held up with one finger while taking the picture. I didn't use it on the last one. Also, all these pictures look like they're a different color.
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