Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Brand of Girly

Our niece Sarah is super girly. During the day she will change into several princess outfits complete with different crowns, earrings, and necklaces. Sarah is probably the only 3 year old I've seen squeal with delight when opening a box of clothes on Christmas morning. It sure was cute though and she was super grateful. I was the opposite when I was a kid. It was all about animals and playing in the dirt. John theorizes that there are two kinds of girly:

Type 1: Pink, Barbies, princesses, lace, hearts. These type obsessed over dressing their Barbies, wearing mom's heels and make-up, and looking just right.

Type 2: Purple or light blue, unicorns, stars, polka dots, stripes. This type harassed the animals, played with My Little Ponies, and loved romping in nature.

I'm was type two. My sister Michelle was a type one with ninja stars.
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Amanda said...

Eliza is some of both. From #1: She is very much a princess. She dresses herself up, but does not love dolls. From #2: She loves animals, but she is not into my little pony or other animal toys. She does like animal shows (and blogs, she loves icanhascheezburger). She will dress a cat, but not a doll!

Melinda said...

I bet she would like John found it on Apparently a computer scientist admitted to being addicted.