Monday, January 4, 2010

Color Me Beautiful Notes: Winter

I've gotten a few questions pondering which colors look good on whom, so I decided to take some notes from the yellowed pages of my Color Me Beautiful book by Carole Jackson that was published in 1973 (awesome!), accompanied with some fabulously cool scans, to share with you. I hope this is not offensive to anyone. She does call Asians Orientals. I'll try to do one season a day. And yes, I know this is frivolous frippery.


  1. Skin tone: pink, deep rose-beige tone, olive, Asian
  2. Eyes: rosy brown, dark brown, blue eyes with dark gray rims around iris
  3. Hair: dark brown hair, raven hair, prematurely gray hair
  • clear, vivid, cool colors, and icy pastels (almost white with a drop of color)
  • the only season that truly pulls off pure white and black
  • true primary colors and their bluer and darker counterparts
  • Silver accessories
  • all warm colors including orange, gold, rust, peach, yellow-greens, beige, and browns unless the brown is so dark it can be worn with black accessories.
  • Muted, powdered tones
  • Gold accessories
So if you look like a modern version of this

Then these colors will look great on you and will complement that big unruly head of hair (click on picture to see colors better). Notice, no brown.

* All scans from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson, bless her 70's soul.

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