Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 Kings

Chillin' with my hommies, Los Reyes

John and John on the job.

Angelica doing her thing.

Printing and . . .

waiting for printing (effect of frozen film?)

The Santo Nino!

My good friend Angelica works for a non-profit organization in Provo called Centro Hispano which serves the Latin American community in Utah Valley. Last week John and I volunteered at their Three Kings activity. I'm not an expert in Latin culture, but I believe the celebration marks the arrival of the Three Kings in Bethlehem after Jesus' birth.

We were originally supposed to act as photographers, but we came late and those roles had been filled, so we took the next best job: running photo cards back and forth and making sure the digital pictures printed. Wait, that was actually the third best job. The second would have been manning the table with the bread and hot chocolate. Although neither of us speak Spanish, we had a great time. I also got a surprise inside my traditional bread: the baby Jesus! I guess I'm supposed to throw the next party.
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Emily said...

wahoo! you should throw the next party! (super cute pic of you btw)

A.S.H said...

I should have you guys take pics too! Thanks for coming it was great to. Have you guys there. So when is the party?