Tuesday, December 29, 2009

While waiting for Santee Claus

Christmas break in Denver. The LeSueur family has a lot of Christmas traditions and it was fun for me to be involved in them. I tried out my new bounce flash and realized again there is still much to learn.

The big dinner was on Christmas Eve. Mary was working hard in the kitchen,

While the rest of us were less helpful in the living room . . .

causing mischief.

Then dinner was served and devoured,

followed by the annual family talent show that was opened by a comedy routine performed by David and the nephews.

Amanda and Stephanie played beautiful piano/violin duets

while others provided an audience.

John's mother has a set of chimes made by an aerospace engineer. We played bell carols and even rang a few songs in harmony.

Everyone opened new PJ's and then it was time for bed.

We hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

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Anne said...

Beautiful pics! I'm still learning my flash and I got it two years ago, lol! You and john look adorable in the last picture!

Branden said...

You are an awesome photographer. I am glad you are a part of the family. Hope you guys made it home safely today.

Kristen said...

WOW! Fantastic pictures Melinda! I hope you know I'm planning on having you take some of my babies this spring. You have quite the talent! Look like a fun Christmas!

holtkamp said...

great pictures! looks like it was a nice cozy christmas despite all the snow :) amanda's hair is so gorgeous in these pics!