Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

Since yesterday day was Homecoming day in Scotland, I read a poem by Robert Burns on my friend Jen's blog. Burns looks like Berns which is our brother-in-law's surname so John and I got into a discussion of whether or not Burns and Berns have the same origin. Turns out they don't because Burns in Scottish while Berns is German.

To get to this point however I went on a mad internet search and finally found answers on The company is actually one of John's clients. I then proceeded to spend a good half hour looking up the meaning, distribution, life expectancy, occupations, and civil war info on all the last names of our family members (Soto, Mori, Price, Ridge, etc.) It was very interesting. We always thought LeSueur meant "the sweat", but apprently it comes from the word for cobbler. At least that's a little more graceful. Take a look at the site. You may find out a little something about yourself.

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