Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More unintended vintage

Same day as the previous post, but different camera and different film . . . and a bad job at focusing the Mamiya. So far, it feels like it's been the coldest winter I've experienced in this state. Last week it was 5 degrees when I got into my car and then below freezing during the day. It warmed up a bit on the weekend and turned everything to a nasty slush. I was very thankful for my wellies when we did a little Christmas shopping at the Gateway (an outdoor shopping area), especially since it was crazy crowded and John never got to park the entire time. He just drove in circles until I finished and did a drive-by pick up and drop-off on the street curb in slushy slushy snow. If only I had had some cherry syprup to pour on top.

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Emily said...

I like your outfit! I should get some wellies. I can't believe John didn't get to park the whole time!

molly said...

The other day, Adrianna and I were talking about what a great photog you're becoming. Just thought I'd share the gossip. :)
And I'm going to have to second the cute outfit comment.