Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cut the Turkey without him

Yes, I need a lens hood.

So, the kid table was really big this year! Haha! We had about 20 people over for our feast so there wasn't enough room at the adult table, and just when I thought marriage brought you the graduation to the niceties of life.

I made the rolls (thanks Kiley for your amazing recipe!) and salad. Yes, that's a taped down trash bag in the picture. My mom's tile is no pleasure to roll sticky dough on, so we improvised. I think she wants granite counter tops, and soon. John was in charge of Stove Top stuffing and candied yams. We had doubles of almost every side dish because my sister wanted to try out some fancy recipes from a magazine and no one wanted to give up the traditional foods, just in case the new ones didn't turn out . No complaining here. It was all heaven on a plate!

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Emily said...

mmmm. Can I get your roll recipe?

Melinda said...

Sure! I'll email it to you.

Anonymous said...

You took all those? At first I thought you copied and pasted them from Google. Great job Melinda!

holtkamp said...

glad you had a good thanksgiving! nice pictures as well, esp the one of steve and beth.