Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bounty from the Japanese Market

Dragon Fruit Hi-Chew, Platinum Shower car cologne, Fudge magazine.

Litchi gummy candy, lavender cherry blossom bowl, crane chopstick rests.

I'd never seen or heard of this magazine before, but I liked the photographs and outfits. Of course, I can't read a stitch of kanji, so it's like a picture book to me. But, I can convert Yen to the American Dollar and read the store names in English.

Fun stuff. I can't understand why John doesn't like coming with me to shop there :)

I mailed in my film from Beckie's belly shots and my sister's family photos, so hopefully the negs will be here by Friday and ready to scan. I'm excited to see how they turn out! Also saw this lightsphere and I really want it and a flash in general to attach to my camera.
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Emily said...

Yum hi-chew. We went to a Japanese market with Cynthia and it was fun! I think it was near Claremont Mesa?? Where did you go?

Melinda said...

Mitsuwa and Marukai they're both on Kearny Mesa Road. The dragon fruit hi-chew had seeds in it, which was pretty cool.