Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yeas and Nays for this week

1. My dad came to Utah for some business, so he's going to stay with us and hang out.
2. It's only one more week until Thanksgiving and a much needed rest from school.
3. John's parents are coming to visit for a wedding.
4. I found cheap tights at Target.
5. Fondue family home evening with neighbors.
6. My cold is going away and I'm taking some Sudafed (not making a meth lab, promise)
7. AG jeans sale on Gilt.

1. An autistic student freaked out at me today.
2. I still can't hear well in one ear.
3. Have to do stuff for the student recognition committee - a big thumbs down to data entry - which takes up all the time I usually use to do more important stuff, say like the stuff that deals with actual teaching.

I'm kind of at that point in the year when I feel that I really need a break. There will be usually be a nice period of time when I come home saying,"I love my job! I never want to stop teaching! The kids are so sweet and good!" That's soon followed by a month with fewer vacation days (like no Veterans day off Utah) where I come home scowling and muttering,"A kid thought it was a good idea to empty mud in the sink. Really?!! You're 12 now, come on!" I know it'll all be better after Christmas. I do like my kids. It would be nice to be able to hear again.


holtkamp said...

have fun with yours and john's parents! hope you can hear now! but if you can't see, you may need amir. :)

Emily Anne said...

Hope the yeas made up for all the nays! :)
Cute blog.