Friday, November 6, 2009

Why my spelling is bad

When I was 21 I served a mission for my church in the Philippines, and I loved it. I loved the country, the people, the food, and the message I had to share. One side affect of my year and a half stay in the country though was some great confusion in correct spelling of English words. In Tagalog, everything is very phonetic and the words are long with many syllables. For example, the word for faith is pananampalataya. The phonetic style of spelling everything also extends to English words.

I was riding on a jeepney one day and saw the words "iskulbus" painted on the side of a vehicle. I pondered what that could mean for several hours (skulls? skeletons? a hearse?) until it finally came to me that it was school bus. To get around my new surroundings, I practiced and trained in deciphering Tagalog English words. Now, as you may notice on occasion, I apply this skill in the wrong country. So, please pardon my English, sometimes I speak it in Tagalog.

*Of course this may all just be an excuse, or maybe it's really due to the MSG in the food over there. Ah, those little packets of Aji no Moto.

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holtkamp said...

ha, ha! i use this as an excuse of bad spelling as well :)