Monday, November 9, 2009

Wait listed no more

Apparently someone returned these on Gilt this weekend. I snatched them up. They were the reason I joined Gilt Group in the first place and at $48, you can't get a much better deal on Hunter. I'm now hoping they fit. On a side note, I can't find any skirts for cooler weather that I like. Most seem too flimsy or they're pencil skirts. I like pencil skirts, but own a couple already and don't want to walk around all day in one. A girl needs to take bigger strides once in awhile. Especially if they're walking quickly toward an overly curious 7th grader who is putting the tip of a large mercury thermometer directly onto the top of a hot plate turned up to level 10. Yes, that happened.

I've tried on this.
Exposed zipper is yucky and 19" might be a little short for my 5'5" frame, but it was cute!

I've glanced at these two. The first one is a little too expensive for what it is, but I like the pattern and color.

This one is kind of flimsy. It's silk and dry clean only.

Also tried this on and it fit perfectly. I know, I know, it's another pencil. Bananas pencil skirts fit me exactly though, which sometimes makes me want to buy them for that fact only.

I was wondering, how do you feel about wearing tights with skirts and dresses that would normally not be very modest without tights? I'm not talking about mini skirts that almost show cheek, but rather those that are almost long enough. Of course this is a personal call, but I'm curious to know what other people think.

photos: Gilt, anthro, banana republic


Kristen said...

I'm all for it. Call me a rebel, but I think it's a-ok.

holtkamp said...

good question...if i find an almost long enough skirt i'll usually buy it to wear with tights. an almost long enough skirt (to me) is "almost" because it covers, but isn't too comfortable (walking or crossing your legs for example). tights make it comfortable to cross your legs if you wanted to. i've also had problems finding skirts. i've opted for dresses this winter.

Emily said...

I am anti skirts that I can't walk comfortably in. Maybe I'm too unladylike! I'd probably feel more comfortable in opaque tights or leggings w/ a borderline too short skirt. So I got a friends and family 30% off to banana. I'm going to forward it to you right now. :)

beckie said...

SInce all my dresses that still fit are creeping up shorter and shorter as my belly gets bigger and bigger, I love a good pair of thick leggings/tights.

Steve gave me a good tip to go off of because I had the same modesty dilemma. If it feels wrong, or too short, then it probably is. Enough said.

Amanda said...

I have two dresses that shrunk. And I wear leggings with them. But I haven't quite gone past above the kneecap. I'm old-fashioned. I know. But I have seen some mormon (endowed) women wear leggings as pants here. I'm still not sure about it.