Monday, November 23, 2009

Updates, some not so interesting.

Still deaf, in fact deafer, if that's even a word, in one ear. I'm calling the doctor today.

Cousin David's wedding was a wonderful time to see and talk with family. I think I've got down names of cousins-in-laws and nieces and nephews-in-laws! I married into a family with a big extended family.

Easy teaching week. We're learning about cells and they're doing a project. That means there's time for me to get some grading done during the day.

Tested out some Kodak Ektar and will get the film back today*.

Had a dream where I understood and still spoke Tagalog, and broke into someone's house, and stole their vintage possessions.

Loving the pictures on The Cherry Blossom Girl.

Read a great talk by Uchtdorf, The Love of God, for my visiting teaching lesson. I needed that, a lot.

Watching Pieces of April. That was totally me cooking back in my second year in college.

In 2 days, San Diego here we come!

*Just found out from John that our grocery store no longer develops 35mm film. Blast!

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Tanei Atagi said...

Melinda, Just got your comment on our blog. You guys should come down and we'll eat sukiyaki together! YUMMY!!